Welcome to Your Time. We are dedicated to health and lifestyle related issues and how to maximise your time on the planet by pursuing and living a healthy lifestyle.

Advances in science have shown that although genetics play a significant part in dictating our health an equally, if not more important, factor is lifestyle.

For thousands of years the idea of coming from ‘good stock’ or of having ‘good genes’ has perpetuated the public consciousness and more recently the media. Increasingly, however, it has been shown that lifestyle choices have a massive impact on our health and well-being.

Exercise, diet, whether we smoke, even where we live in the country can all be massive factors in our general health and even our life expectancy.

Of course, for most of us this is no great revelation, and we know that certain lifestyle choices such as smoking or bad diet are going to be detrimental for our health, and yet there are many issues, which are far more confusing.

For many years we were told that BMI (body mass index) was the best way to gauge whether or not we are a healthy weight. Recently, however, there has been a government campaign, which has stated that waist size, and not body mass index is the best indication of whether a man is likely to be at risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes. This is not to say that BMI is not an indicator of ideal weight, it just shows that medical opinion is constantly shifting.

Likewise, we have for many years, been told that sunburn was a bad thing and increases our risk of getting skin cancer. Well yes, excessive exposure to the sun is certainly not a good thing and can increase one’s risk of getting skin cancer. Sunburn from sun beds is even worse. What seems to have been decided recently, however, is that getting mild sun burn can actually be a good thing, as it is this slight redness of the skin that allows the body to make vitamin D, a process which is beneficial to the body and to the bones. Indeed vitamin D deficiency, something that can lead to rickets, is becoming an increasing problem in the UK.

So while conventional medical option is not often thrown out of the window, there is a constantly shifting and redefining of conventionally held medical truths.

How many eggs we should eat a week, whether drinking caffeinated drinks is a good thing, whether eating too much fish can be a bad thing, how drinking a small amount of alcohol every day can actually be better than abstaining are all questions that are being debated and answered in different ways.

At Your Time, we aim to provide you with up to date advice and options on how to live well and to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. We hope we will be able to cut through some of the confusion about various health issues so that you can make informed choices and lead you life to the full.